Crane – Building you into the pit of success

I have recently started an open source project with a colleague (Ed Wilde). The project is called crane check it out on github. The idea behind the project is to write a tool that creates .Net builds for you automatically. For those of you who have spent time on a build server like Team City (not to pick on Team City as all build servers suffer from this) it takes quite a bit of time just to set up a boiler plate build.

A lot of that time is spent configuring the steps of the build normally something along the lines of the following:

  1. Get latest source
  2. Updated assembly build versions
  3. Build software
  4. Run tests
  5. Pack into nuget
  6. Publish into nuget

It can be confusing even for a developer with experience to set the build up in the right way and not only that but in a way that scales well as more applications are built.

This is where crane comes in.  The idea is you can point crane at your solution and it will generate you a build automatically with all of the steps in place.  By convention.  We believe we can use our experience of configuring builds to give you a great starting place either for a brand new project or to create a build for an existing project.

We are also planning to give crane the ability to create build chains by analysing your solutions.  This will give you the ability to split up your code base and work on smaller projects without the headache of trying to build it.

We would love to hear your initial thoughts on crane and whether it would be a useful tool for you.


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