Rotation game

I have decided to develop and XNA game called rotation.

All of the code is on a public repository on gibhub.  It can be found here:

If you are new to git and want to clone the repository then issue the following command:

git clone

To view all of the branches (ie checkpoints) I have put in the code:

git branch -r

I have labelled the branches after the blog posts, so you can easily switch to and see what I was thinking at a certain point. To switch to and create a branch at one of the branches I’ve created:

git checkout -b  origin/<branchname>

Obviously you replace <branchname> the name of the branch that you want to move to. The above command will create a new local branch at the location of the branch on the remote and switch to it.

If you have already cloned the repository then you simply need to issue the following commands:

git fetch
git checkout -b  origin/

Here is a list of the full series of posts:

I hope you have enjoyed my series on making an XNA game and some of the thinking that I go through when designing software in general.  The techniques I have used like single responsibility principle and TDD can be applied to any type of programming not just game development.

You are open to grab the source code and extend the game.  There are many ways you could take the game from here like add menus, high scores, sounds etc.  I hope I’ve given you a taster of what is possible…

If you have any comments or feedback it is welcome. You can leave them on the blog directly, email me or tweet me @kevholditch.

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