XNA Game – Rotation – Download from iTunes – Part 19

I have just finished porting the blog from one host to another. Hence the glut of posts that have come in one day. Since my last post almost one year ago I have successfully released the game on iTunes. The game is completely free so why not download it and give it a try.

When I set out on this journey I was trying to write a game using a TDD approach. I don’t know much about the game industry but in business application programming this is how we approach software. I thought it would be both a great learning exercise and interesting experiment to see how the TDD approach would lend itself to game development. The answer, surprisingly well.

In most cases the first time I ran the code it worked. I can only remember using the debugger in earnest once, which is pretty cool. This shows the value of TDD. It also shows the value of writing good unit tests that cover business logic. Anyone who tells you can write code faster without tests is probably lying, if they say they can write code that meets business requirements without tests faster then they definitely are.

So this brings the Rotation game coding series to a close. Stick with the blog for other coding adventures.

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