XNA Game – Rotation – Moving to github – Part 7


When I first created my repository I forgot what was important.  I thought that it was important to have control of the branch and only allow one private contributor.  I’ve realised that the whole point of this project is to talk through developing an XNA game, the mistakes, triumphs and all.  So I’ve decided to setup a new repository on github and move over there.

The github repository can be found at git@github.com:kevholditch/Rotation.git.  What I am going to do is make a new branch at the end of every blog post so that you will be able to clone/fetch down the repository and then switch to that branch to see what I was thinking at that time.  It would be great to get feedback!

To get latest and switch to the branch issue the following commands:

git clone git@github.com:kevholditch/Rotation.git

git checkout -b part7 origin/part7

The first command will clone the repository.  The second command will create you a new local branch called part7 and set it to the location of origin/part7.

If you have already cloned the repository then instead of the clone command use “git fetch”.

So from now on you know where to find the repository, I look forward to your comments.

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