XNA Game – Rotation – A small tangent – Part 4


Before I continue on the journey of developing my XNA game Rotation, I’m going to take a small tangent on continuous testing.  Inspired by talking to a few of my colleagues at easyJet and from listing to this Herding Code podcast.

The basic premise of continuous testing is that it allows you to streamline your workflow and concentrate on writing tests and writing code, not having to stop and keep running tests.

Consider this TDD workflow which I follow:

1. Write tests (that fail)
2. Stop and run tests
3. Write code
4. Stop and run tests
5. Refactor code

A continuous testing tool gives you is that automation of running your tests every time you make changes to your code and then giving you feedback as to the status of your tests.  This means that your workflow becomes:

1. Write tests
2. Write code

The fabulous tool nCrunch will revolutionise the way you write code.  I’ve only been using it for about a week and already it’s made a big difference.  If you are into your TDD/BDD development (which you should be) then this tool is definitely worth adding to your toolbox.  Above all it’s free at the time of writing so you’ve got no reason not to give it a try.

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