XNA Game – Rotation – The Idea – Part 2

Before I talk about the code and how that’s going to work.  I’m going to explain my idea for the game.  It’s good to set the scene before we work out how we are going to implement it.

One of the main objectives of the game is for it to be playable in small bursts.  This is because eventually (if I ever get that far) it would be good to port this to a mobile platform one day.

My idea for the game is a word game called Rotation.  The idea is to rotate a cross of letters inside a grid to form words of length 4 or more.  The words can be formed either horizontally or vertically.  When a word is formed it will vanish (in a fancy animation hopefully) and then new letters will appear in their place.

The game’s board will be star shaped (see image below):


I’ve not decided how big the board will be but it gives you an idea.  The player will be able to select a square as to where to put the rotation pin.  When the player places the rotation pin the current rotation selection will be highlighted.  The rotation selection will extend out vertically and horizontally from the rotation pin up to a maximum length of the nearest side.

For example in the image above if the player puts the rotation pin on the letter E (shown in yellow) then the rotation selection would extend out 3 squares (as that’s the nearest side) vertically and horizontally. NB the colours shown are just for illustration purposes.

Once the player has made a selection they can rotate it either clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Doing so will move all of the letters round one position.  So the result of rotating the above example clockwise would yield the following result:

The idea for the player is to use the rotation pin to rotate the board so that new words are formed.  Words have to be at least 4 letters long and must be formed horizontally or vertically.

So that sums up my basic idea for the game.  My first objective is to get a working version going which does just what I’ve described above.  That will give me a solid platform to build on.  Next time I will talk about how I am going to model the objects in the game and how I’m going to go about developing it.

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